Friday, January 27, 2012

Model as Artist

Model as Artist - by Richard Hearns
oil/panel, Studio 7 at the Art Students League of New York.

Above is a figure study in oil. Created over four mornings. I spent about six hours in total orchestrating this painting.
Positioning the figure within the composition was interesting. I began by working with the larger negative shapes around the figure as I felt this the best way suited for me to begin the piece and get started. Gregg Kreutz, my mentor, came over to see my work and suggested that I might start by building the form of the figure - the volume, and he began to mass in the shape of the model in the canvas center. It was interesting to watch Gregg and see how he used the paint (eg what kind of consistancy etc) but after some careful consideration I decided that my way would serve this piece better in its over all orchestration and wiped off Gregg's demo to begin myself again.
On Gregg's return to me I believe he was very proud of my decision to begin myself again and continue on my own line of thought.

My feeling is paramount to my paintings. It is the initial idea or inspiration and concept that I hold onto and which drives my pieces. This is what makes me grow.
Painting at the Arts League of New York these past two weeks has reinforced that thought.
Many times during a painting session here I realize that it is as much about what not to do as what to do. I can witness all the pit falls of dabbing, copying, overworking etc as well as pick up some great ideas that will aid my creative development and process.

New York is the most wonderful place. Its just buzzing with energy and I am just getting started!

- Richard