Friday, November 27, 2009

Male Torso

Male Torso - oil/panel -12"x9"

Yesterday marked my first day painting in the RHA Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts in Dublin.

Working with a live model is an energizing and educational lesson.
The human figure is such a complicated form and has in it all the qualities to teach and challenge you as an artist.

With the quite proud Romanesque seated pose that the model assumed, I decided to concentrate and hone my efforts directly on the torso of the models body.

Des was a great model - holding the pose for several 25 minute sessions.

On arriving home after the days painting I was so energized and excited that I continued to paint into the night.

Looking forward to see how these RHA painting sessions feed into my work and help me to further develop as an Artist.
Hope you enjoy the Work and seeing this new blog develop.